Pandas documentation sprintΒΆ

The pandas documentation sprint is a worldwide event that will take place the 10th of March of 2018. During the sprint open source hackers will work on improving the pandas API documentation.

While most of pandas documentation is great, very extensive, and easy to follow, the API documentation could in many cases be better. Many of the DataFrame or Series methods for example, are documented with just a one liner summary. In some cases, the documented parameters are not up to date with the actual method parameters. And while docstrings use the numpy docstring convention, they could benefit from some pandas specific convention.

There are around 1,300 API pages in pandas, meaning that the effort to fix, standardize and improve all the API documentation is huge. But the pandas user base is also huge. And Pythonistas are very active and well organized. So, we will work together from all around the world to take care of every single API, in a single day.

This document provides all the necessary information to participate to the pandas documentation sprint.