About Us

Pandas is an open source Python library for data manipulation and analysis. Its popularity is skyrocketing, and it is becoming the de-facto standard for data science and data engineering. But the number of core developers and contributors did not grow as fast as its popularity, and things like the API documentation would benefit from some help.

This is why we are organizing a worldwide sprint, in which we plan to leave the API documentation for the Series and DataFrame classes in a perfect state.

You can make pandas better, even if you can't join the sprint...

How does it work?

The sprint will be divided in different chapters. Every chapter has a different website, usually a meetup.com group, where the sprint is coordinated. Find your chapter, and check there the venue, meeting time, etc.

Before the sprint

During the sprint

  • Go to the sprint location at the starting time
  • Organizers will provide information, and there is documentation
  • Discuss on the Gitter channel
  • Share your experience and photos in social networks using #pandasSprint
  • Thank the local sponsor for their support (in person and in social media)
  • Be respectful, no form of harassment or discrimination is tolerated

Documentation pages





Click on the markers in the map for exact times and locations.

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The sprints are open to everybody. Knowledge of Python, Pandas and Git is required to be able to contribute.

We want the sprints to be inclusive and diverse. If you think you are part of an underrepresented minority (because of gender, age, race...), please contact your organizer to have priority in getting a spot.

There are many locations available, check the locations section.

If there is no location near you, please get in touch at py.sprints@gmail.com, and we'll help you organize one.

Most sprints will start around 10am (in location time). Check the locations section to see the exact hour in your chapter.

Please get in touch at py.sprints@gmail.com, and we'll help you and provide all the information you need.

Photos of past Python sprints