About the event

pandas is an open source Python library for data manipulation and analysis. Its popularity is skyrocketing, and it is becoming the de-facto standard for data science, data analysis and data engineering.

Like most free software projects, pandas is developed by volunteers world wide. Most of the communication among contributors, and between contributors and users happens online. This summit is an opportunity to meet each other in person, discuss, and work together.

Useful information

  • Be respectful, no form of harassment or discrimination is tolerated
  • If possible, arrive 15 minutes before the event, to allow time for registration
  • Bring a photo id (name must match the provided for registration)
  • For the sprints, bring your own laptop, with a pandas development environment set up
  • Discuss on the Gitter channel
  • Share your experience and photos in social media
    • Use hashtag #europandas2019
  • Thank Oakam, our sponsor, for making this event possible

Who is this event for?

In short: for anyone interested in making pandas and its ecosystem better.

While we call the event the European pandas summit, we are excited to welcome anyone willing to travel from any part of the world. Also, we would be happy to see other people from the open source community working in related things. For example, upstream packages like numpy or Arrow. Downstream packages like Dask or Vaex. And similar tools like R.

Also, the event is open to companies and individuals interested in helping make pandas better, by hiring peoeple to work full or part time in pandas. Or that are interested in provide funding to hire people to work on pandas.

A non-exhaustive list of who is the intended audience:

  • The pandas core development team
  • Contributors to pandas
  • Contributors to related open source projects
  • Past and future sponsors and donors of:
  • Anyone else interested in making pandas or related open source tools better

We have limited space, and while we would like to welcome everyone to the event, we will give priority to the members of the previous categories.

You can make pandas better, even if you can't join the event:

Friday sessions:

Time Talk Speaker
4pm - 4:10pm Opening notes Alexander Hendorf
EuroPython, EuroSciPy and PyConDE program chair and organizer, partner at Königsweg
4:10pm - 4:25pm Memory allocation in CPython Pablo Galindo
CPython core developer
4:25pm - 4:50pm Apache Arrow: an overview Antoine Pitrou
Apache Arrow core developer
CPython core developer
Dask and Numba core contributor
4:50pm - 5:15pm xtensor, xframe: data structures for data sciences Sylvain Corlay
xframe, xtensor and Jupyter core developer
NumFOCUS director
QuantStack founder

Johan Mabille
co-author of xtensor, xsimd & xeus
5:15pm - 5:40pm Extending pandas with extension arrays Joris Van den Bossche
pandas core developer
geopandas core developer
5:40pm - 6pm Break
6pm - 6:25pm Restructuring pandas indexing code: some ideas Pietro Battiston
pandas core developer
6:25pm - 6:40pm Vaex Maarten Breddels
Vaex author
6:40pm - 7:20pm The future of pandas - Update and Q&A session Joris Van den Bossche, Pietro Batiston and Marc Garcia
pandas core developers
7:20pm - 8pm Corporate users panel Maren Eckhoff, QuantumBlack
Cecilia Liao, dunnhumby
Stephen Simmons, Oakam
Sylvain Corlay, NumFOCUS
Moderated by Alexander Hendorf

Saturday and Sunday: sprints from 10am to 6pm


All the events will take place at Oakam's offices in Central London, located 5 minutes walk distance from Oxford circus station.

3rd floor, 31 Great Titchfield St
London W1W 7PA
United Kingdom

Thanks Oakam for supporting our event and making it possible.

With the support of


Event sold out. Registration is now closed.