1. Install the environment
  2. Join the Gitter channel
  3. Your local organizers will assign you a documentation page
  4. Understand well what the functionality you're documenting does
  5. Find where the docstring is in the source code
  6. Check if the docstring is reused by other functions/methods
  7. Follow carefully the instructions on how to write a good docstring
    • Every detail is important
    • Doing it fast will make the process slower, and you will waste reviewers time
    • The changes will only get approved when they are perfect
  8. Run the validation script, and make sure you don't have errors
  9. Build the html version of the documentation
  10. Show the html version to someone in your sprint who has not work on it
    • Does this person understand what the function does, and is able to use it in a toy example?
    • Is everything explained in a clear way? Is there any part that is not well understood?
    • Is the language correct? Are there grammar mistakes or typos?
    • Can the page be simplified? Is there anything that doesn't add value?
    • Checking the text version of the docstring, does it follow all the standards from the documentation?
  11. Validate that there are no PEP-8 issues git diff upstream/master -u -- "*.py" | flake8 --diff
  12. Commit and push your changes
  13. Open the pull request
    • Make sure the description is DOC: update the <your-function> docstring
    • Review if you did all the validations enumerated in the description
    • Mark them with [X] if you did, do the validation before sending the PR if you didn't
    • If you completed EVERY step in this list, you can finally open the PR
  14. Now you can take a rest, help other people, make new friends... :)
  15. Your PR will be reviewed by other people, who will help make it even better
    • Make the changes and discuss the PR until it's approved
  16. You should also review other people PRs
    • Be nice, concise and clear
    • In general it's better of avoid comments in a PR with only "Thank you", "Understood", "I'll do it"...