TerminusDB Documentation + Django DRF API Tracking


As the situation evolved and we have the safety of the participants in mind, this sprint will be FULL REMOTE.

Just join the Zoom for participation and Discord server for chat and collaboration.

We won’t let the virus stop us from contribute to open-source (actually what is better than contributing when you are stying at home)?

We have 2 projects at this sprint:

TerminusDB - documentation

The first one is help writing docstrings for the Python client library of TerminusDB. The library consist of an API (which uses requests a lot), a query language (yup, query language in Python) and tools to work with pandas DataFrame.

They use the same format of docstrings as numpy and pandas so it will be a good practice for writing docstrings without the stress of contributing to a huge project. (I can assure you your PR will be reviewed quickly).

List of methods that need documentation is listed here.

You can also have a look at their GitHub repo and issues.

DRF API Tracking

DRF API Tracking provides a Django model and DRF view mixin that work together to log Django Rest Framework requests to the database. You’ll get these attributes for every request/response cycle to a view that uses the mixin.

Have a look at their GitHub repo and issues.

You can choose either one project to work on (or both if you know what you are doing :-P)

For beginners in open-source, we will have a beginners table for making your first pull request on GitHub.

As usual, we will give priority to join the sprint to the people who:

  • Experienced open source contributors
  • People from underrepresented minorities in our sprints

There is no limit on remote participation.

Agenda Revised

  • 6:30pm: Community announcements, project presentations and team creation (Zoom streaming starts here https://zoom.us/j/882305838)
  • 7:00pm: Coding (Join Discord server for collaborating: https://discord.gg/kfsVBB6)
  • 8:45pm: Group presentations (Re-group at zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/954512731)
  • 9pm: End of the event, no pub, stay at home for safety

To prepare for the sprint

  • Register for Zoom account (optional) and familiarise yourself with Zoom.
  • Join the Discord server of the sprint and familiarise yourself with Discord
  • Join the Telegram group for the update and community news of Python Sprint (optional)

Code of Conduct

  • Please be reminded that all participants (including remote participants) are expected to follow the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct

Sponsor logo

Thanks to Decibel for hosting this event!

Decibel provides real-time intelligence that enables businesses to measure and improve online customer experiences – at scale. Pioneering the world's first technology designed specifically to quantify experiences, Decibel's Digital Experience Intelligence platform captures unique experience data, enriched by machine learning, to reveal digital body language, understand user state of mind and pinpoint problem areas on your website, web applications and native apps.

TerminusDB is a database built for data people. Terminus is a model driven graph database designed specifically for the web-age. The result is unified, well-structured & refined data - the jet fuel of future business. TerminusDB greatly reduces the time and effort required to build any application that shares, manipulates or edits data.

More information about TerminusDB: https://terminusdb.com/

Set up instructions

Fork and clone terminus-client-python from https://github.com/terminusdb/terminus-client-python

Contribution guide at https://github.com/terminusdb/terminus-client-python/blob/master/Contributing.md


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Level: All

Date: 23 March 2020

Time: 18:30

Aldgate Tower, London E1 8FA, United Kingdom