pandas visualisation vol.2

Let’s continue working on visualisation in pandas.

Plotting in pandas is very easy, mainly by using Series.plot() and DataFrame.plot() methods. There is a plotting subsystem in pandas based in matplotlib that implement different types of plots (e.g. lines, bars, boxplots, kde…).

In the last months, several new projects have been create to address new use cases for visualising in pandas. For example, to generate interactive plots. Some of these projects are:


Those libraries have been monkey patching pandas to be able to plot easily, so plotting can be done by using DataFrame.hvplot(), DataFrame.plot_bokeh()

But a better design would be to decouple the existing plotting code in pandas into an extension registered with the pandas extension capabilities, and be able to select with an option with plotting backend the user wants to use. The resulting code would be:

pandas.set_option('plotting.backend', 'hvplot')

With this architecture, there are several advantages:

  • Developing new plotting backends for pandas becomes much simpler
  • Plotting backends share a common API
  • Users of pandas don’t need to learn a new syntax for each plugin
  • Migrating existing code becomes trivial, by just adding a single line of code setting the option for the backend
  • Internal pandas code becomes cleaner, with the plotting code fully decoupled from the rest

Work on this is already going on, with a first PR that decoupled the current plotting code:

In this sprint we will continue the work, by working on different tasks:

  • Defining and documenting the pandas plotting API
  • Porting hvplot to the new plotting API
  • Improve pandas plotting documentation
  • Try to move plots like andrews_curves, lag_plot… to the “standard” .plot(kind=X) API

We also can work on other pandas issues, for example:

As usual, we will give priority to join the sprint to the next people:

  • Experienced open source contributors
  • People from underrepresented minorities in our sprints


  • 6:00pm: Food and networking
  • 6:30pm: Presentation of the project and the sponsor
  • 6:45pm: Coding

The day of the sprint

  • Bring your own laptop if you can
  • Join the Gitter channel of the sprint

Code of Conduct

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