Django sprint

The London Python sprints group started a year ago, and since then we organised more than 20 sprints. Contributing to projects such as pandas, dateutil, Tornado, or the website.

This time the theme will be Django, one of the most popular free and open-source web framework, written in Python.

“Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.”

We will be working on Django and other related projects. If you have an open source project using the Django framework, you are also welcome to bring along and sprint on it with the others.

No matter if this is your first sprint or if you are a seasoned sprinter with us, everyone is welcome.

Remember to:

Useful links to go though before coming to the sprint:

Special thanks to Çağıl Uluşahin @cagilulusahin to be our mentor for this sprint.

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Thanks to TEKsystems for hosting this event!

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Level: All

Date: 14 November 2018

Time: 18:00

Floor 3, The Warehouse, 207-211 Old St, London EC1V 9NR