Python Meetup at PyLondinium: dateutil

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As part of, join us for a day working on issues on python-dateutil, one of the most downloaded libraries from PyPI and the de-facto extension for date and times manipulation in Python.

We will have the maintainer of python-dateutil, Paul Ganssle helping and reviewing code during the sprint. He will guide us through the issue tracker and organise the work to be carried out along the day.

Please have a quick look through the repo and the documentation to understand the project.

To be able to contribute you need to:

  • Install Python 2 and Python 3
  • Install Tox – Main tool to validate all changes
  • Install sphinx -To be able to generate the documentation locally

If this is your first time contributing to an opensource project? Please have a quick look here.

Pylondinium ticket not required to come to the Sprint.

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Thanks to Bloomberg for hosting this event!

Bloomberg L.P. provides financial software tools such as an analytics and equity trading platform, data services, and news to financial companies and organizations through the Bloomberg Terminal (via its Bloomberg Professional Service), its core revenue-generating product.


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Level: All

Date: 8 June 2018

Time: 09:00 - 18:00

3 Queen Victoria St
London, EC4N 4TQ, UK