(Part 1)

This sprint part of a series (until the features are complete). That’s probably 2 or 3 sprints in total. Every event is independent, and you don’t need to attend the first part to attend the second (or the other way round).

• Waiting list: Even if you are added to the waiting list, keep an eye the day of the event. There are many people dropping just hours before the event.

The sprint

To communicate during the sprint (also remotely), you can use this gitter channel

Around 7pm, it’ll be a short hangouts, you can join in this link

The Python community and the Python Software Foundation are using as their main website. Besides general information about Python, the Python installation files, the documentation, the job board and links to other resources, the website includes a section to list all the events of the community,

The process to update the content of this section is not optimal, and it is taking too much time from the community (event organizers and moderators mainly).

A new workflow has been proposed to automate some parts and make the process much more efficient. Details can be checked in this ticket: is built in Django.

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Thanks to Bloomberg for hosting this event!

Bloomberg L.P. provides financial software tools such as an analytics and equity trading platform, data services, and news to financial companies and organizations through the Bloomberg Terminal (via its Bloomberg Professional Service), its core revenue-generating product. is the official Python language and community website. The Python Software Foundation is responible for it, but it's mainly developed and maintained by volunteers. Its important is key, and it is usually one of the first websites visited by people new to Python. And it also contains important content such as the official Python installation files, news, events, information about the Python Software Foundation, the community job board, and links to relevant information like the documentation or the list of user groups.

More information about

Set up instructions

To set up an environment for the sprint, we recommend creating a conda environment:

  • Download and install Anaconda
  • Fork the project repository by clicking on the top-right "Fork" button
  • git clone your fork
  • Create a conda environement: conda create -n pythondotorg_dev python=3.4
  • Install requirements: pip install -r /dev-requirements.txt
  • You'll also need to install PostgreSQL
  • And create a database: createdb pythondotorg -E utf-8 -l en_US.UTF-8

More detailed project instructions are available here.


RSVP: Click here

Level: All

Date: 1 November 2017

Time: 18:30

3 Queen Victoria St
London, EC4N 4TQ, UK