PyMC3 - beginner friendly issues

Probabilistic programming are a family of programming languages where a probabilistic model can be specified, in order to do inference over unknown variables.

A common application is in financial markets, where probabilistic programming can be used to infer expected returns or risk.

The best introduction to Bayesian methods and probabilistic programming I know is this excellent book.

PyMC3 is a Python package for Bayesian statistical modeling and Probabilistic Machine Learning which focuses on advanced Markov chain Monte Carlo and variational fitting algorithms.

In this sprint we’ll address PyMC3 beginner friendly issues.

If the meetup is full, or you can’t attend in person, feel free to join remotely:

Gitter channel (chat) during the sprint.

Short videocall at 7pm: Hangouts link

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Level: Beginner

Date: 24 October 2017

Time: 18:30

Cottons Centre, Tooley St
London, SE1 2QG, UK